Carolina Álvarez-Ossorio

Directora de Marketing y comunicación de ECOALF

Born in Madrid, I´ve studied between Spain, Germany and USA.  Graduated from ICADE / European School of Business with a degree on International Business.  Continued in NY at Parsons with an Associate´s Degree in Fashion Marketing (Dean´s list) and started my professional career in Estee Lauder Companies, developing the leading prestige brands: Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone and La Mer. Over 12 years of marketing experience in global luxury beauty and lifestyle brands made me understand what truly matters: how you do things and people. Between NY and London, I´ve spent my career developing products and campaigns and opening in new markets to successfully position the brand and reach sales targets.  A fantastic product needs to have a story, but above all needs to have a positive impact.  I´ve spent my career developing products and campaigns around the individual´s needs and today it’s about putting our feet down and understanding what’s happening in the world.  I’m a big believer that passion and commitment will help fight challenges, but it’s on us as individuals to start acting and making the necessary changes that will inspire others.  In 2017 I joined Ecoalf, to lead the Marketing and Communication team - today I’m proud to be part a storydoing team, where we are cleaning the ocean every day, we are fighting every day to stop using natural resources in a careless way and we are educating and inspiring people sharing our knowledge and to do things in a different way, in a better way.